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December 16, 2000. Welcome to the new and improved Cool Togepi's HQ. I'll try to update whenever I can. Chow for now.

September 15. Pokemon Puzzle League is coming soon..... Not much is known yet about Pokemon Puzzle League because it was just recently introduced at this years E3 expo. But here is what we do know:

The game will be very much like Tetris Attack which was a revamp of Tetris. Basically you want to be better at eliminating rows of three better then your opponent. Many Pok?mon will be featured and maybe even including a couple of GS Pok?mon. You can win badges and become a Pokemon master.

I'm finding pictures for DBZ , Cardcaptors, and Sailor Moon. There will be 2 versions a GBC and N64. The N64 version will be released before the GBC and will be out in September.
September 7. The Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z sites are almost done.
September 6. Here are all the new members of the staff at CoolTogepi: MaStErGoKu, *Sailor Star*, and MEGA PoWERful Blastoise. They'll be helping me out and will write their names after everything they do. That will help this site be better.

September 5. The first day of school can go by really fast. I'm almost done building the Sailor Moon site (actually my friend *Sailor Star* is helping me). It'll probally be done by Friday.

September 4. Well I'm back from my vacation. I saw a lot of animes including Dragonball Z (new episodes), Sailor Moon(also new), Gundam Wing, Pokemon (new,new,new!), and Tenchi in Tokyo(the last of the Tenchi series and it's new ,too.). I'll just be updating the episode guide this week. School starts soon and that means weekly updates!!! "Pokemon Puzzle League" and "Hey You Pikachu" are coming out soon.

August 18. Here are some of the anime titles I might start making new (or better) websites about....

Dragonball Z /GT


Sailor Moon

Gundam Wing

Monster Rancher

Card Captors

I said I MIGHT that doesn't mean that I will!
August 17. I just recently updated the Cardcaptor site. I'll start working on the Dragonball Z next. I bought two Gym Heroes boosters. My rares were Holo "The Rocket's Trap" and Rare "Charity". Gym Chalenge will come out in October. Important!!!! This weekend on Kids WB they will be showing the first brand new episode for the new season of Pokemon. They will also be showing new Cardcaptors episodes. Since I don't have cable I won't be able to get a lot of info on Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. At Wizards of the Coast (the store that made Pokemon TCG) I bought a booster of Sailor Moon cards.

July 30. Here's the badges that I've earned with my Nidoking, Scyther, Bulbasaur, and Vaporeon. I have the new Dark Persain promo. The only way to get this promo is inside the August issue of Nintendo Power. Oh and by the way check out the new and improved Cardcaptors site.

July 29. I know it's been a long time since I've updated but I've been busy. I'm going to update twice a month from now on. I'm taking all the pictures off because they don't work! Burger King is having another Pokemon promotion but this time it's "Power Cards". I already got the Marril one. I've seen the Pokemon Movie : The Power of One. The sound Lugia makes under water is the same the mysterious Pokemon makes in the mystery at the light house episode. It was cool cause I got the Ancient Mew card. If your in the Pokemon League you get a playmat to decode the card. The translation to the card is this : 30 hp, 2 Psychic Energy for Psyche, Damage done is 40, Weakness to Psychic, no Resistance, 2 Retreat Cost. Pokemon Gold and Silver comes out on October 16! The popular Pokemon game series continues to add new innovations and features with each release. The object of Pokemon Silver is still to become the "World's Greatest Pok?mon Master" by capturing, training, and battling different creatures, this time with all-new creatures and moves. Also, elements such as day-and-night gameplay and the ability to breed and mutate Pokemon add an exciting new dimension to the game. You'll be able to transfer Pokemon from the Red, Blue, and Yellow games--even train them for new attacks--but you won't be able to transfer your newly caught creatures to any previously released games. Also, expect special, limited-edition gold and silver Game Boy Color units decorated with Pokemon characters. GYM HEROES EXPANSION COMING AUGUST 7. Gotta catch 'em all. I'll put more news here next month.
June 26.I've decided to add more info and pictures about Dragonball Z, Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, and Monster Ranchers.FoxKids will be showing Flint :The Time Detective, Digimon , and Monster Ranchers on a thing called Anime Invasion.Here's some (25) of the new Pokemon toys.

1. Weedle (13, Battle Figure 5-Packs) 2. Spearow (21, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 3. Fearow (22, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 4. Nidoking (34, Battle Figure 5-Pack) 5. Ninetales (38, Poke Ball Blaster 3-Pack) 6. Wigglytuff (40, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 7. Oddish (43, Poke Ball Blaster 3-Pack) 8. Gloom (44, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 9. Vileplume (45, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 10. Venonat (48, Battle Figures 2-Pack, Battle Figure 5-Packs) 11. Venomoth (49, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 12. Psyduck (54, Battle Figures 2-Pack, Bean-Filled Plush) 13. Mankey (56, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 14. Primeape (57, Battle Figures 2-Pack, Poke Ball Blaster 3-Pack) 15. Poliwhirl (61, Poke Ball Blaster 3-Pack, Bean-Filled Plush) 16. Poliwrath (62, Poke Ball Blaster 3-Pack) 17. Geodude (74, Battle Figures 2-Pack, Poke Ball Blaster 3-Pack) 18. Drowzee (96, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 19. Hitmonlee (106, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 20. Hitmonchan (107, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 21. Tangela (114, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 22. Vaporeon (134, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 23. Jolteon (135, Battle Figures 2-Pack) 24. Dragonite (149, Battle Figure 5-Pack) 25. Mew (151, Battle Figure 5-Pack, Bean-Filled Plush)

I'm working on making a pictures link of Pokemon.I'll have other pictures later.The new Eevee promo card is the #11 card of the series of promo cards. This new promo is only available through the Pokemon Trading Card Game League Premier stores. The promotion is just like with the holographic Mew promo a few months back. Pokemon League members will get an Eevee Tracking Sticker in the back of their league books to keep track of their league points to get the Eevee holographic promo card. They have to earn 250 points to get their first one and another 250 points to earn the second one.It's going to be a holofoil. Check with your local league store for more details.

Here's the track list for the Pokemon: The Movie 2000 Soundtrack.

1. Donna Summer- "The Power of One" 2. Alysha Antonino- "Dreams" 3. Dream Street- "They Don't Understand" 4. Angela Via- "Wonderland" 5. plus ONE- "With All Your Heart" 6. Laura Pausini- "The Extra Mile" 7. Westlife- "Flying Without Wings" 8. Youngstown and Nobody's Angel- "Pokemon World" 9. Devotion 2 Music- "Blah, Blah, Blah" 10. Weird Al Yankovic- "Polkaman" 11. The B-52's- "The Chosen One" 12. O-Town- "One Heart" 13. Denisse Lara- "One" 14. O-Town- "Comin' to the Rescue" 15. Dance of the Bellossum from Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Story 16. The Legend Comes to Life from the Power of One Score

June 23.Cool Togepi's HQ will no longer just be about Pokemon.It will also be about Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, and Monster Ranchers.In the second Pokemon movie they will have a short film( kinda like Pikachu's Vacation ).It will be a mini-movie called Pikachu? Rescue Adventure,?before the main feature film.On the first day of "Pokemon The Movie: 2000", there will be a special, Collector Edition Pokemon Card called Ancient Mew. As far as I am aware, it will be a collectible card only - reportedly it will not have powers, hp, etc.It will be two sided and holographic.

June 17.We got a lot of news for all you Poke fans this week.The Pok?mon The Movie 2000?promo cards will be Ancient Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.The Ancient Mew will be available only during the movie? first week in theaters.The legendary-bird cards will then be given out until they run out of cards. Pokemon Movie Number Four Coming In 2003 in Japan.I think it's about the GS ball.Not much is known about this movie yet.Gym Heroes is the next series of Pokemon cards and will be out in August 2000.Gym Challenge will be released in October 2000.Nintendo has sold more than 65 million Pokemon video games, making it one of the most popular character franchises in gaming history.I knew Pokemon was popular but i didn't know it was that popular.Kids WB showed a new show called Cardcaptors this morning.It's pretty cool but it could use some more detail.It's about a girl (Sakura) and a boy (Lee) who capture cards that have magic powers.Kids WB also said something about a lost episode of Pokemon.They're going to show it next weekend.

June 11.I decided that this site needs something new.All this month I'll be making changes to this site.For example there's a new Togepi picture instead of a dragon.

June 10.If you join the Pokemon Trading Card League this month you will automatically get a Pikachu , an Arcanine ,a Prerelease Dark Gyarados , and a Mew.It's free to join.You can sign up at any Toys' R' Us store.I'm a member.It fun, it's easy, and best of all it's free.I'll be making a lot of changes to the site this month including making a page that will have information how to build decks that me and my friends made.Come back next week!

June 8.It's almost the beginning of summer.A lot of people get off of school tomorrow.Remember June 18th is Father's Day.I'll try to update this site in the summer as often as I can.

June 7.Today I've got a lot of news for all you Pokemon fans.I just looked at a flyer for Target stores (for the week of June 4 thru June 10) and on one page it says you can get a free ticket to see Pokemon The Movie 2000?if you buy any Pokemon game.It had picture of Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon TCG, and Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.I might buy Pokemon Pinball because I don't have it yet.When I see Pokemon The Movie 2000 I'll write a review on it.I went to a local hobby store and they had small light-up Togepi keychains. I bought one and when I looked on the back of the packaging it said something about Togepi. Here is exactly what it said, Togepi is Pokemon # 175. It is a grass type and is close to Pikachu size. Its power is metronome, teleport, and reflect.I thought that Togepi was a colorless type not a grass type.My friend has the Japanese Togepi Neo card and it's a colorless.That information on the might not be true because I didn't see the Nintendo seal on it anywhere.If it wanted to give info on Togepi it would have said the exact size instead of saying "close to Pikachu's size.It would have said attacks instead of power, too. I'll get more information on this a soon as I can.

June 6.This site will be updated weekly in the summer.Not daily weekly!! Well I was at my friends house discussing new plans for the site and I couldn't help looking at a rulebook that he got from a Team Rocket theme deck . Printed over the Base set and Jungle set were the words, OUT OF PRINT.I guess that means that Base set and Jungle are like retired Beanie Babies. Remember think before you trade any card. The episode guide is ready to use.Scroll on down to the bottom of this site to get there.It's right between Tripod Home and my Pokedex.I'll update the Pokedex and the Episode Guide soon.

June 4.Pokemon Gold & Silver versions or going to be released on October 16, 2000.The Dolphin's coming out on March 2001 in Japan.The episode guide will be done later today.

June 2.I've decided that I need a little help with the site.That's why some of my friends will be helping me with the site.Just think of it as a "new staff".When ever they write something you'll see their name after what they wrote.When ever I write something you won't see my name after it.Got that?Good, now it's time for the news.Here's something new.Kids WB bought the rights to the next 52 episodes of Pokemon(so they can't show new episodes on any other channel).So starting this September Kids WB will air new episodes on Friday and Saturday. I'll get more info on this as soon as I can.Togepi evolves into Togechikku! Marril evolves into Mariruri!All this info and lots lots more will be in the new Pokedex.Coming soon to this site.(about two more days!!)

June 1.The new and improved Pokedex is almost done.In case you didn't know the Pokemon of the Month this month is Gengar.Can you believe that they have Pokemon lollipops and glue sticks?Well they do.The lollipops are clear and there is a little Pokemon figure in the middle!The glue sticks are Gengar, Pikachu, Lapras and Marill.I think the glue can come in blue, yellow, or clear.

May 31.I've decided to start working on making a better Pokedex.It'll be able to be accessed from this page.It will be ready soon.The Mewtwo promo card that you get when you the Pokemon movie on VHS/DVD is worth $6.00.I might even make a price guide page to help everyone out....

May 30.The names of the two new Pokemon videos are "Water blast"(which has a picture of Blastoise on the cover) and "Picture Perfect".Since it's almost June and June is the beginning of the Summer I'm going to have information on the water type Pokemon like Squirtle and Seel.Another pokemon movie is coming out this summer.I don't know the exact date but it's going to be called "Pokemon:The Movie 2000".It's Japanese name is a lot better("Revelation Lugia").Just like last time they will be giving out cards at the movie.The cards will be Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Ancient Mew.I can't believe that I'll have to chance to get an American version of Ancient Mew.The "Pokemon Fact of the Week" this week is that Pikachu can only evolve with the use of a Thunder stone.

May 29.The name of one of the videos is "Water Blast" but I don't know the name of the other video.I'll try to find out more info on it.I'll post the "Pokemon Fact of the Week" tomorrow.

May 28.Does anyone know when they're going to show a new episode of Pokemon?They came out with two new Pokemon videos today.Bye.

May 25.New news time.I've just got new info on an Eevee holo-foil promo card.I don't know if it's only going to be for League members.I'l try to find out more info and if I find any info I'll post it here.Is this site cool?Yes it is!

May 22.I've heard that a new Pokemon game is coming out soon.I think it's called Pokemon Puzzle League.Oh by the way was there a new episode last weekend.Now it's time for the "Pokemon Fact of the Week" When Slowpoke evolves he gets a Shelder on his tail.The Shelder's shell turns spiral!

May 15. Did anyone see that new episode of Pokemon this morning?If you didn't don't worry , it wasn't that cool.It was just about this old guy named Ethan who used Magnemites to gather electicity, for towns in need of it, from thunderstorms.They also showed the episode when I(Cool Togepi) hatched ahead of that episode.

May 14.I got a "Team Rocket" booster pack of cards yesterday.The rare card I got was a Non-Holo Dark Vileplume.The funnny thing about it was that the weakness was fighting.On the Holographic version the weakness is fire.This is the first misprint that really affects the way you play the card game.All the other misprints were letters or numbers on the card, and they didn't affect the game.Come by next week to see what's new.

April 29, 2000. Welcome to Cool Togepi's Headquarters. I'll post some news here weekly. This is a new site so if you have any ideas let me know.


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