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I guess you want to know about the site since you came here. So I'll just tell you a condensed history about....COOLTOGEPI.TRIPOD.COM!!!!! Let's begin shall we....
It all started one rainy April day a few years ago. The exact date was April 29 ,2000. I had a dream of creating a website ever since I learned of the internet. A few weeks earlier I got a magazine with an article on how to make websites easily and free. At the time I didn't even know HTML so I used a One-Minute Builder (oh, the shame!). Today I possess a vast knowledge on basic HTMl and some more advanced HTML. Anyways I got the name Cool togepi from Pokemon. I just liked that show then, before I learned about "true" anime. The first anime I ever saw was Sailor Moon in 1994.

At first I didn't have much but I quickly gained the help of my friends and even made a few allies of my site. My site was first about Pokemon but my interests have changed over time. Today offers great information and images on anime series and movies plus many great extras such as site polls, fanfics, fanart pieces, and more! Thanks for reading the history and come back again soon!


Cool Togepi design and content of 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. This site in no way is affiliated with Nintendo, Cartoon Network, or any other companies mentioned in it. I am not trying to infringe on any copyrights in anyway. This is merely a fan site.