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Welcome to Cool Togepi's HeadQuarters. This site contains information on Sailor Moon, the Tenchi series, Dragonball Z , Cardcaptors and other animes. We also have excellent image galleries. I'll try to add new stuff to this website weekly (daily in the summer). Have fun.
Started Saturday April 29 ,2000

Cool Togepi's News
Started Saturday April 29 ,2000

July 9 - Today I'm just going to update. Only one person has emailed me abot the new layout.

July 8 - I'm finnaly back from my vacation. While I was gone I won four new awards. They all gave me very good suggestions for this site. Many said to change the layout. That way I might get more people to visit. While I was gone I wasn't able to keep up with the news so that might take me a while. It occured to me that most of you don't know what the layout is going to look like. If you want to get a sneak peak go to
  • "The Test Site".
    Email me and tell me if I should change the layout that I have now or keep it.

    June 23 - The new season of Cardcaptors started this morning on Kids WB. I've also received a lot of email suggesting that I make a Fan Fic site. I'll start on that two weeks from now cause I'm going on vacation. If you have any fan fics that you want me to post email them to

    June 22 - I'm so mad. I was suppose to get a new layout but then my computer crashed. The Tenchi site will never be the same again.... After that I got thinking, why do I even need a new layout. I like this layout just the way it is. I mean it's easy to get around and you know where you're going. I finnaly got another new email address. You can contact me at . I just got an idea to start a fan fic site. But it wouldn't be required to be anime. It could be anything. Breaking News : 4Kids Entertainment and WB , the duo that brought Pokemon over from Japan, announced yesterday they will be teaming up again to create a Yu-Gi-Oh television series to air on Saturday mornings on the WB. The animated series, targeting boys ages 10 - 15, will be about a boy named Yu-Gi who derives super powers from an ancient deck of cards. Yu-Gi, or Yu-Gi-Oh as he is called when he exercises these powers, uses the cards to fight evil monsters. I can't really judge it now but it seems like a rip off of Cardcaptors and Pokemon. That's all I have to say for today. Hey that ryhmes.

    June 21 - I think I'll take a break today as I decide what to update next. It's most likely going to be the Dragonball Z image gallery. Oh yeah before I forget I found someone that might be able to help me out in making a new layout for the site. I still don't know what's going to replace it. I'm thinking about adding character bios sites for each anime. I'm also thinking about regestering for a couple of awards. It's not likely that I'll win all of them. "Breaking News" : Tenchi will be leaving the Toonami Line-Up on July 20th. Sad.

    June 20 - Today I'll post up the DBZ episode guide. It has complete reviews for each episode. I'll also post up the episode guide for seasons 1 and 2 of Sailor Moon.

    June 19 - Yesterday I added a lot of new clow card scans to the Cardcaptor site. I'm almost done writing up episode reviews for Dragonball Z.
    I just got very important news. Dragonball Z will be returning to the 5:00 PM (e/p) spot once again. But this is only for two days. On Thursday July 12 and Friday and July 13, 2001 DBZ will air at 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM (e/p) on the Toonami block. The following Monday, July 16 Drangon Ball Z will reclaim its 6:00 to 7:00 PM (e/p) spot on Toonami. Here's the schedule.

    Toonami's Line-up: 5to7 PM for July 12th and 13th

    5:00 PM --- Dragonball Z

    5:30 PM --- N.A. (T.B.A.)

    6:00 PM --- N.A. (T.B.A.)

    6:30 PM --- Dragonball Z

    TMR Line-up 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM for July 12-13

    12:00 AM --- Dragonball Z

    12:30 AM --- Dragonball Z

    Right now I do not know why Toonami is doing this but if I find out I'll make sure to post it ASAP. There are a few rumors such as "Big O" is coming back to Toonami but since it only has 13 episodes there would be 2 extra days for something like this. This is the best rumor to support the facts so far. There are also rumors that "Outlaw Star", Sailor Moon", and "Mobile Suit Gundam" are also coming back probaly in the fall. On September 3 be on the lookout for "Dragonball Z" Season 5. The movies that they used to show on Friday afternoons will be put on hold till winter. I also got news that they will never show Superman or Batman again.

    Toonami has finally received all 34 episodes of the Sailor Moon Stars series, I think. Well actually I'm pretty sure that they'll show them in the Fall. Anyways, Sailor Moon S (the movie) is scheduled to air Friday, July 27.

    June 18 - This week I'm thinking about adding episode guides to the DBZ site and the Sailor Moon site. If I have enough time left over today I'll begin working on the image galleries.

    June 15 - I'm still thinking about Toonami and the WB merging. What show will they move next? Anyways I'll be putting more pictures in all the image galleries.

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