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This is the Ayeka Charcater Bio site.
Princess Ayeka

Princess Ayeka - Ayeka is a member of royal family of the planet Jurai. Actually she's the crown princess. She is on a long search for her half brother Yosho. Sometimes Ayeka seems to be very up-tight and always tries to do “what a princess would”.

While tracking Yosho's flight path from his pursuit she happens upon Earth. She locates Ryoko who was the fugitive that Yosho was pursuing before he disappeared. Ryoko is a wanted space pirate. Ayeka hates Ryoko and tries to catch Ryoko. Ryoko's ship Ryo-ohki gets into a battle with Ayeka's ship, named Ryou-uh ,and is damaged so bad that she along with her younger sister Sasami are forced to stay on Earth with Tenchi for a while.

When Ayeka lands on Earth she quickly falls in love with Tenchi. Ayeka easily gets in fights with Ryoko but as the series progresses Ayeka unwinds and actually becomes friends with Ryoko.


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