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Other Characters

Tenchi’s Dad - Tenchi’s dad is kind of weird. He’s an architect and the house that they live in is Tenchi's mom’s dream house.


Yosho (Tenchi’s Grandfather) - Tenchi's grandfather Yosho is a descendant from Jurai royalty. He relinquished his claim to the Jurai throne years ago in favor of a life on Earth. Yosho sees potential in Tenchi and decides to train him. Yosho is also the keeper of the Masaki family shrine. Yosho has aged ( On Jurai he would not have ) because on Earth there is no “Water of Life” (something that Juraians rely on for their long life).

Ryo-Ohki - Ryo-Ohki is a cabbit (half cat, half rabbit) who was created by Washu. Ryo-Ohki can also transform into a spaceship.

Sakuya - Sakuya is a teen-age girl whom Tenchi meets at school soon after his arrival in Tokyo. She falls in love with Tenchi and quickly becomes the object of Ryoko's and Ayeka's jealousy. Sakuya is a sweet and charming girl but hides a terrible secret. She is only in The “Tenchi in Tokyo” series.

Tsunamai - Tsunami is the power of the Jurai. Tsunami was the first tree and source of all trees of power. Each generation below Tsunami contains less power than the previous. Her human form looks like an older version of Sasami and is in fact closely linked to Sasami. In fact she saved Sasami from death long ago. It is through Tsunami's power that Tenchi survives Kagato's attack and discovers how to defeat Kagato's amazingly powerful ship.

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