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This is the Ryoko Bio site.

Ryoko - Ryoko is a space pirate. Ryoko is a symbiot created by Washu powered by gems. Ryoko, the “demon” wreaked terror on Earth 700 years ago. Yosho, who is really Tenchi’s grandfather, is the one who imprisoned her. In a different series Ryoko falls to Earth trying to escape Ayeka or the Galaxy Police.

Ryoko first appears as a mummy within the shrine ( after Tenchi uses the Tenchi sword on the lock to her prison ). She rejuvenates herself back to her preferred appearance of a beautiful young space-pirate after Tenchi releases her.

Ryoko has witnessed Tenchi's life since he was a small child. Ryoko always “protects” Tenchi from Ayeka. Tenchi knows that Ryoko cares for him, and he doesn't get too angry with her. Ryoko can use gathered energy as a blast weapon or to use as a sword. Oh by the way, Ryoko also has the power to go through walls and to summon demons


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