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This is the Sasami Bio site.

Sasami - Sasami is the youngest character of the Tenchi series. She is the younger sister of Ayeka. Depending on which series you are watching Sasami either crash landed on Earth with Ayeka while chasing Ryoko, or came to Earth in a mishap involving Ryoko and Tenchi. Sasami was also introduced as “Pretty Sammy” in a Side Story. Sasami is an excellent cook and always cooks all of their food. Ryo-Ohki and Sasami, once they meet, become inseparable.

Sasami has unusual markings on her forehead, and she sometimes has dreams, during which her marking glows. The mark is known as "True Emblem". She also has a very close connection to Tsunami (Ryou-uh's main power source and 0th generation tree of Jurai).


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