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This is the Tenchi Bio site.
Tenchi Masaki

Tenchi - Tenchi is the star of all three Tenchi series. Tenchi is a young boy in high school. He spends summers with his grandfather who was his mother's father. He lives with his father when school is in session. Unfortunately for Tenchi, his mother died when he was very young.

Later in the series Tenchi get's a sword which is also named Tenchi which uses "the power of Jurai" to emit a blade of "blue energy" similar to Ryoko's sword. When Tenchi first finds the Tenchi, the blade is all rusted but that wasn't the reall blade. The real blade is made of blue energy. Only direct members of the Jurai bloodline can wield this sword.

Throughout his adventures Tenchi learns more about his potential to be the next ruler of the Jurai. Tenchi eventually discovers that he is the crown prince of Jurai. Tenchi's family life is a bit strange.


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