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Cardcaptors Pictures.

The Clow Cards

The Clow cards are cards contained within a magical book called the Clow. Each of the cards controls a special element, power, or action. In all, there are 52 clow cards. On the cards there are human-like figures, which are mostly female, and they can cast magic, under the say so of the captor of the card. When not in card form, the Cards are allowed to run free and make chaos. This is why Sakura and Li must capture all 52 cards.

The Characters Sakura Avalon (Main character) Li Showron (Sukura's Rival) Kero-Chan (Little yellow thing) Madison Taylor (Camera girl that films Sukura)
Here are some Cardcaptor items. Magic Key: Sakura's key is her sealing cane. When she holds it and says "release" it turns into its true form. Sealing Cane/Wand: This is what Sakura's key turns into! She uses it to seal the clow cards that were blown away. She also uses it to cast the magic of the cards, and The Fly card makes its wings grow on the cane so Sakura can fly on it. Lasin Board: Li uses his lasin board to find the location of Clow Cards. When he first used it for fortune telling, he learned that the Clow Cards had escaped. Magic Cards: Li uses these to cast magic spells, such as fire, lightning, and wind. He sometimes uses them against clow cards if needed.
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