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American Cardcaptor Episode Guide

1. Sakura's Rival
2. Time and Again
3. The Cave
4. Double Edged Sword
5. Power's Ploy
6. The New Rival
7. Double Take
8. The Race
9. Dragon Slayer
10. No Way Out
11. The Switch
12. Icebreaker
13. The Third Element
14. Buyer Beware
15. Stormy Weather
16. Allies
17. Meilin's Story
18. One Fateful Day
19. Under the Weather
20. The Mysterious Painting
21. The Last Card: Part One
22. The Last Card: Part Two
23. The Final Judgment
24. The Past, The Present, & The Future
25. A Strange New Beginning
26. Running Out of Time
27. A New Set Of Wings
28. Trouble At The Park
29. Double Trouble
30. Li's Calling
31. Spinning Out Of Control


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