Here's the Dragonball Z page. It's still under construction. Since I've finnaly gotten satelite TV now I'll be able to write reveiws on Dragonball Z and other animes.

DragonBall GT

Dragonbal GT is about the sequel to DragonBallZ DragonBallGT, Dragonball GT stars out with one of Goku's childhood friends coming back but Goku is much more powerful now and he cant defeat him so he wished that Goku be a kid again!...After that they start out looking for the Black Star DragonBalls so Goku can be wished back to normal but they encounter enemies along the way...Bebi... Later during the battle with Bebi Goku goes through A Series of things to grow his tail back. So he can go to Level 4 Form when he goes to level 4 form there is no need for the black star dragon balls because he is back to normal...The theme later changes to make the series more interesting. ---- MaStErGoKu
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DBZ Episode Guide (Episodes 101- ???)


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