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There's more to Digimon then just the cool atttacks and neat looking creatures. There's a deep storyline. The Digidestined are kids that get to have Digimon and they get to save the digital world. Okay before I go any further I should explain what Digimon are. Digimon are basically little digital creatures that live in the digital world. Digimon means Digital monsters. The digital world in like an alternate reality in a computer. There are a couple different seasons of Digimon so I'm just going to explain the general summary of the show. The Digidestined each have a Digimon that is capable of Digievolving. Digievolving is where the Digimon basically evolves to fight a bigger opponent. In each episode of Digimon, the Digidestined and their Digimon fight a stronger evil digimon than in the previous episode. As their digimon grow, they grow as well, in personality that is. They learn to get over their differences, and work together as team should. When they all work together and use their special traits, they find the power to overcome just about every enemy. But as the team grows stronger so do the enemies. There are superevil Digimon in the digital world set on ruling both the Digital world and the real world. It's up to the Digidestined to beat the forces...

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