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Dragonball- Our story begins with Goku, a small boy, who is living on his own in the wild. Oh, and Goku also happens to be 12. His grandfather Gohan, Earth's greatest fighter, was killed several years earlier when Goku (which you'll learn more about later in the series). One morning, while Goku was returning home with a fish he had caught(a BIG one at that!), a young girl crashed her car into Goku. She thought she had killed Goku when suddenly he arose and began attacking her and her car thinking the car was some sort of monster. She soon reasoned with the boy that she and the car weren't monsters, and introduced herself as Bulma. Realizing that she was a girl, Goku invited Bulma home for lunch. Living alone, Goku has also never seen a girl before. Upon reaching Goku's home Bulma noticed he had a Dragon Ball. She quickly got Goku to follow her on a quest to find all seven mystical Dragon Balls, as he insisted on carrying his Dragon Ball. In addition to the Dragon Ball, which Goku possessed, Bulma figured he would make an excellent bodyguard. She notices Goku's tail, but figures it's not real. And so the quest for the mustical Dragonballs begins...
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