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Welcome to Cool Togepi's Fan Art site. Most of these pics were submitted by fans. This site is new and I need more FanArt so if you have one email it to me at

Fan Art Submission Rules:
1. No Hentai!!!!!! It's just nasty and I want my gallery to be sutible for all ages!!!!
2. FanArt must be in GIF or JPG format.

Fan Art Usage Rules :
1. Ask the artist before you take an image from this site. Email links are provided for each person that has submitted.
2.Do not email me stating someone's artwork is bad, it's just plain rude!! 3. If an artist says no to a request. No means no!!!! Don't email them multiple times begging.
4.Do not submit someone else's fanart as your own.

Dragon Flyer 777:

Matthew Kelly (email not given)



Spoon (She's a REALLY good artist!!!!)

CrissyThe pic below is suppose to be me!

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