This is a mix between Battlebots and Tenchi Muyo. I dont own any ofthis shiz, i just use characters and themes, so dont sue. Uses OVA series. -TeRmInAl_ChAoS

--------------------------Washus Battlebot-------------------------------
It was a quiet day in the Masaki home. Katsuhito was at the shrine, nobiuki was at work, Mihoshi was at GP HQ, and Ryoko and Ayeka were fighting over tenchi. Sasami was cleaning up from breakfast, Washu was in her lab. Ryo-Ohki was, ah, who cares where that thing goes? There was an explosion from Washus lab. Ryoko and Ayeka stopped fighting to see what had happened. The small scientist stepped out of her lab, looking slightly charred.

"Ive done it!" she yelled.
"Done what, Little Washu?" Tenchi asked, trying to approximate how much damage she had done to his house.
"I built the ultimate Battlebot!" Washu exclaimed.
"Battlebot?" Sasami, Ryoko, and Ayeka said questioningly.
"Its a halfway decent show on some American network where machine costing thousands of dollars pound the crap out of each other." Washu explained.
"Thats great Washu! Can we see it?" Tenchi asked, still wondering what the explosion was from.
"Certainly, Follow me!" she said as she walked into the lab.
Tenchi had heard some bad ideas in the past, but following Washu into her lab was the worst. But Ryoko and Ayeka had already gone in, so he went too. In the middle of the mad scientists lab, there was a sheet covering something approximatly 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide.
"And now, I, Washu, the greatest genious in the world, present: Crab-bot!" she announced as she pulled away the sheet. [it looks like a crab. why am i not suprised?] everyone in the lab thought.
"What does it do, Miss Washu?"
"Its not my greatest invention, as i was limited by the contests rules and restrictions. Its what they call a 'stomp-bot' because it uses feet instead of wheels. It weighs 425 pounds. the claws on the front are strong enough to chop any one of you in half at only 2 percent power." 'Ooohs' from audience.
"Is it fast?"
"To a decent speed, yes."
Sasami walked up next to it and tapped one of the legs. "Whats this made of Washu?"
"I didnt want to have too much of an unfair advantage, so I only used 1/4 inch of a Titanium-nickle alloy."
"But thats one of this planets strongest metals!" Ayeka yelled.
"Well steel was too heavy, ya know." Washu replied sarcasticly.
"Are you going to enter it into the competition?" Ryoko asked, hoping to see it fight.
"I would, but I would need a team of 6 people. These blasted Americans, they wont let anyone go solo," Washu said, shaking her fist.
"We could join you, Miss Washu. It might be entertaining."
"Good, but we still need one more person. Any nominations?"
"I dont think grandpa will go, and dad is too busy with work, so that leaves..."
"Mihoshi." everyone said at once. *groans from all*
"Hi guys, Im back!" Mihoshi shouted.
"Speak of the devil..." Washu mumbled.
"Oh, wow, what is this thing?" She asked, while about to play with Crab-bot's remote.
"Mihoshi, dont touch that!" Washu shreiked.
"Im sorry!" a teary eyed Mihoshi said.
"Its ok, Washu didnt mean any harm," Tenchi said, trying to stop her from crying.
"Yes, Mihoshi" Washu said impatiently.
"Say, Mihoshi, how would you like to see another country on this planet?" Ryoko asked.
"oh, yeah! that would be great!" she exclaimed, forgetting how sad she was about Washus' yelling at her.
"well, were going to America next month to show off Washus newest invention, and we need six people to go." Ryoko continued.
"That sounds like fun." "Wonderful.." Ayeka sighed. --------The Next Month---------
"Hello, and welcome to Comedy Central Sports presents Battlebots! Im Tim Greene, and with me as always is the sometimes smart, always funny, Bil Dwyer."
"Sometimes? We have a great lineup for you tonight. Tell us who we have fighting tonight Tim."
"We have some great action for you. In the lightweight division, We have a great match right from the start. Ziggo and Backlash. Two vets, should be interesting."
"Before we get started, lets go to Carmen Electra in the pits." Carmen: Hey guys, I was down here looking at some of my favorite bots, the stomp-bots. And I tell you, there are some interesting ones this season, including one all the way from Japan. Im hoping for some hot stomp bot action this season! Back to you!"
"Lets get to the action Tim." (Cut scene to pits) Washu was running through a pre-fight checklist.
"Batteries charged?"
"Remote Charged?"
"All right, lets take it out back and get more driving practice in."
"Check, I mean ok." Sasami asked who would be driving.
"I will of course! I built it after all." A man with a clipboard walked up to us. "Number 324? Crab-Bot?"
"Yes, thats us. What do you need?" Tenchi replied.
"Your fight is up next."
"It is?"
"Yes, now move your bot out there. Your facing Mechadon."
"Mechadon? He sounds tough." Ayeka said, slightly worried.
"Not to worry, Im the greatest genious in the known universe!" Washu bragged, the cackled maniacly. Several of the other combatants stared at her for a moment.

(Scene fade to black, set back in announcer booth.)

"That was an incredible fight we just saw there, Bil. Who knew Backlash could right himself with that blade?"
"It caught me off gaurd, thats for sure. And for those of you just joining us, were broadcasting live from Treasure Island. Our next fight features an old vet and a rookie. Both are stomp bots, so expect this to be a low scoring fight."
"I wouldent count out rookie Crab-bot yet, though. The inspectors said they were quite impressed with its abilities."
"Well see how it fares against veteran, and crowd favorite, Mechadon. Lets go box side." (scene change to prefight thing. The one with a small video pic of the builder, and a big pic of the bot.)
"Mark Setracian"
"San Diego, California"
"Its another stomp bot, so im going to have to alter my strategy alot for this fight." (Background color goes from blue to red)
"*With grin*Little Washu!"
"Okaynama, Japan."
"*maniacle laughter* for a scientific genious like me, this will be simple!"
*tims voiceover* This 'Little Washu' scares me.
*bils voiceover* And now for my favorite line: The box is locked, the lights are on, its robot fighting time!"
Bil: Mechadon moving slowly but steadily.
Tim: Look at Crab-Bot! That has to be one of the faster stompbots here.
Bil: There goes crabbys weapons, straight at mechadons legs.
Tim: You know, those weapons are moving really fast for something that big.
Bil: Oh, look at that! It just picked up Mechadon with those claws! shes taking him to the pulverisers.
Bil: Come on Pete, hit him!

(shot of Pete Lambertson repeatedly pressing pulveriser button, with nothing happening.)

Tim: Looks like we have a bum pulveriser.
Bil: Whats it doing now?
Tim: It looks like its, yes it is! Those incredibly powerful claws are actually cutting through Mechadon!
*Loud crunch is heard and CrabBot tosses away its victim.*
Tim: And there goes Mechadon, in two directions! Ladies and gentlemen, that was not a sound effect.
Bil: This is incredible! Only on rare occasions do you see a bot chopped in half like that.
Tim: And the judges have started the countdown.
Bil: It looks like Washu and Team Crabbot are pretty happy. (Shows scene of Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Tenchi, and Mihoshi holding Washu in the air, Cheering.)
Bil: And an amazing knockout by Crab-Bot. Lets go boxside with Arj Barker.
Arj: You just got your bot ripped to shreds by an insane 14 year old, how do you feel?

(Ryoko and Ayeka are seen in background trying to stop Washu from punching Arj)

Mark: Im really impressed by that bot, she did really well, and I hope I can rebuild poor Mechadon.
Arj:*laughs* Well, you did great, and we'll see you next season.
Mark: Thank you. *shakes hand*

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats it for chapter one of three. What super heavy should CrabBot Fight next? leave your Ideas in the review, or Email them (or flames) to I need two more bots...
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