This fight is Washu's Crabbot vs Son Of Whyachi. Lets cut the disclaimer this time, shall we? -TeRmInAl_ChAoS ---------------------------Round 2--------------------------------- (in the pits, several of the builders are talking) "You think Minions got a chance Christian?" "Of course, as long as his batteries stay charged!" "You just jinxed it by sayin that." Mihoshi walks over to the builders. "Hi guys, Im Mihoshi! Whatcha doin?" "We were just talking about the chances our robots had in the tourney. How about you?" "I'm just keeping out of trouble like Washu told me to," Mihoshi replied, looking at Nightmare. "Ooh, he looks tough!" "Washu? Thats an odd name. Is she that Japenese bots builder?" "uh huh," she said, now looking at a damaged Backlash. "Owie, I bet that hurt!" The builder introduces himself as Jim and warns her not to touch anything. "Funny, thats what everyone else told me about Washu's robot." The builders decide to ignore her and continue their conversation. "You know, Im kind of disappointed Son of Whyachi got bumped into the Supers, I was really hoping to get revenge on him for what he did to Night-" He stopped because there was a loud crash. He turned around to find his work table tipped over, Backlash on the ground, and Nightmare tipped over with Mihoshi pinned under it. "Ow! Help me!" After Jim noticed nothing was broken, he laughed, as did the other builders. They got together and pulled the robot off of her. "Gosh, Im really sorry! *sniff* I just touched one of these *sniff* these tools *sniff* and it fell over!" she cried. "Thats all you did? The tables leg must have broken, it wasnt your fault." "r-r-really?" she stuttered, still half crying. "yeah. why dont you go back to helping your team maintain their bot?" "Ok, bye!" she said, completely dry eyed by now. She walked off. "Your too nice Jim." "Yeah, you didnt even yell at the girl for trashing your bots." "Its not like she can do worse than whats in The Box." He said with a smile. (scene fade out) "Hello and welcom again to Comedy Central Sports Presents Battlebots! With me as always is the impeccible, Tim Greene." "Impeccible? Thats a big word for you Bil. We have some great fights for you tonight, as we are live at day 2 of the Fall 2002 Battlebots competition." "Yesterday, we got to see almost 50 fights! In under 5 hours too. Among some of the highlights are the 13 second KO of El Diable Grande after his motor caught on fire." (we see clip of EDG's 'Drum of Death' on fire.) "That was good, but the best had to be this one." (shows replay of Crab-Bot crushing Mecha-Don into 2 peices.) "That Crab-Bot is one to keep your eye on Tim. Now lets get to the fights!" "Our heavyweight fighters are Mechavore and Silverback." "What? No emotion today? Now Mechavore has that incredible blade on the front, along with some great durability, which he proved 2 seasons ago against 'then-heavyweight' Son of Whyachi. He took 3 or 4 hits from SoW and kept moving. I commend him for this." "Yes, but dont forget about silverback. hes designed not to flip, but to lift with that slow moving arm. he can also right himself with that, so he cant be flipped." "Flipped? no. ripped? maybe. Lets go to the ring" (scene fades to black, then back in) "And an incredible fight, with a surprise ending." "Our next fight...." (continues with intro. about 5 fights later, its Crab-Bots turn.) "Our next fighters are two incredibly powerful super-heavys, Crab-Bot and Son of Whyachi" "Son of Whyachi is a tough bot to get ahold of, so I dont think Crab-Bots weapons will be of much use in this fight." "I dont know about you Tim, but Ive got my money on Son of Whyachi." "Well see how this fight turns out, lets go to the arena." (scene changes to inside box view of the announcer) "This is a Battlebots Elimination event. In the red square, to my left, If you think his attitude is bad, try spelling his name! it Son of Whyachi!" *cheers from fans* "And in the blue square, to my right, If he doesnt get you, his driver will, *audience laughs* Crab-Bot!" *weak cheer from audience* (Washu runs over and grabs mic) "HEY! Cheer louder! you cheered like mad for him and all i get is a lousy golf clap?" *crowd cheers much louder* "Thats what i wanted!" *sweatdrop by all on team crabbot* "I think she enjoyed doing that," Tenchi said with an embarrassed sigh. "Oh yeah, she loved every minute of it," Ryoko mentioned, not as embarassed by Washu. (we see Washu and announcer fighting over the mic. Washu lets go and announcer straightens his tie) Bils Voiceover: That certainly was odd. Tims voiceover: yes, yes it was. Bil: Well, lets go, the box is locked, the lights are on, its robot fighting time! Tim: Son of Whyachi easily the faster of these two robots, moving in quickly. (cut to Washu at controls, looking nervous about SoW's weaponry) "Come on Miss Washu, cut the thing in half, like last time." ayeka 'suggested'. "I cant, that spinning device will rip the claw off if I touch it." "Is there anything you can do?" Sasami asked. "Afraid not, maybe i can trick it into hitting one of the hazards though." "Go for it, its our best chance." Tenchi yelled over the audience. (cut back to fight) Tim: Looks like team crabbot is a little nervous. Bil: Theyd be crazy not to be, its Son of Whyachi theyre fighting! Tim: Son of Whyachi is getting closer, i think hes about to hit! *metal smashing cruch is heard* Bil: he just completely ripped off one of Crab-Bots legs! Tim: Thats not all he broke, look! (we see part of crab-bots leg smashed through the battlebox wall, the end thats out is about a millimeter from Tenchis face. Tenchi is white as a ghost.) Bil: look at the smoke from both bots, its getting tough to see down there! Tim: I hope that guys ok... Bil: (whispers) hey, we got a show to do! Tim: Son of Whyachi seems to have killed himself on that last hit, cuz he aint moving! Bil: Crab-Bot is moving in for the kill! Shes showing no mercy! (crowd is chanting 'chop him!') Tim: Looks like shes going to have to, the judges have counted out Son of Whyachi, and the match is over. (disappointed groan from audience and Bil) Bil: You see? Its like I always say. Spinners kill themselves more than anyone else. Tim: Looks like you were right. We'll be taking a short break from the action, enjoy the commercial break! Bil: who would enjoy that? Bil's VoiceOver: "And now your BattleBots update. Ziggo is moving on after a close match with Backlash. In the heavyweights, Mechavore is moving on after his opponent had to suffered a power failure. Biohazard beat Overkill in a controversial decision, and Nightmare shredded rookie SomeBot. In the Middles, El Diablo Grande set himself on fire, and lost his match in 13 seconds. And now the Supers. Rookie Crab-Bot has beaten both his opponents, cutting Mechadon in half, and lucking out on Son of Whyachi. And Minion is appealing to The Judge's decision. (clip of The Judge dealing final hit to Minion)" (scene fade to commercials) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that was round 2. the fight was kind of short, but when you deal with Son of Whyachi, they always are. Quarterfinals are coming soon to a fanfiction-based website near you! Send comments, questions, requests on the next fight, and flames to seriously, i want email. i never get any. its so boring. hotmail is about to close my account for inactivity. I dont even get junk mail anymore! R&R!
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