(like old childrens toy) The author says : "F*** the disclaimer." Todays fight, Chin-Killa! Jay Lenos bot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (in the pits) "That Son of Whyachi did some damage, do you think you can fix it?" "Its quite simple really. I dont have the part I need, so we are screwed." "Are you sure? Is there nothing you can do to fix it?" "Nope, I just dont have the materials to build a new leg mount." A pale, thin man with a scraggly beard walks up to the group. "Hey, I overheard your conversation, and heard that you need some help fixing a leg mount. I have a spare one, if you want it." Tenchi noted to himself that the guy looked familiar. "Youll just give us one?" Ryoko asked suspiciously. "How do I know you won't give us a broken one?" "Well, my robots already out of the competition, so I thought you might want it. If not, thats ok..." Ayeka knocked Ryoko to the side. "She's just an idiot, ignore her. Of course we'll take it. Thank you very much!" "He was trying to be nice Ryoko, you dont have to be so distrusting," Ayeka scolded. "You wanna take this outside princess?" "Yes, I do!" The two ladies walked outside. Shortly later, a large number of people were running outside so watch the action. An explosion was heard and they all came running back. "I guess we should stop them, huh?" Sasami mentioned to Mihoshi. "Uh huh." They walked off, leaving only the thin man (DONT MAKE JOKES ON THAT ONE), Tenchi, and Washu. "Heres the leg mount." "Thank you! It will do quite well," Washu said while installing the new mount. "By the way, whats your name?" "Mark Setrakian." "Well, thanks again Mark." (announcer booth) "Hello and welcome again to another Comedy Central Sports presentation of Battlebots! Im Tim Green, and with me is the always blonde, Bil Dwyer." "Were broadcasting live from Treasure Island an-" his speech is interrupted by the wall being blown down, and Ryoko crashing into their desk. "Maam, are you ok?" "Im just fine, its Ayeka you should be worried about." "Who?" "Hah hah hah, I got you, devil woman!" "Her." "Ok, we have a live broadcast to do, if you could please leave..." "ok, ok." Ryoko walks away, and the desk collapses, revealing that Tim and Bil are not wearing pants. "Uhh, well get back to you. In the meantime, heres an Exhibition match between Crab-bot, and the Crowd favorite, Chin-Killa." (Scene fades, as Technicians rush on scene to repair broken wall and desk.) (Scene is now bot info screen) "Jay Leno" "Hollywood, California" "Chin-Killer" "Its a big crab, I must smash it with the Chin of death!!" (Background changes to blue) Washu is away stopping Ryoko and Ayeka, so Tenchi is in the box. "Washu, where are you!?" "Come one, I cant drive this thing!" "now what am I going to do?" "Can we have a minute to get our driver back? She went to stop a fight." *Boxside* Tenchi is alone in the blue driver box, looking at the controller with a confused look on his face. "Blue driver, are you ready?" "No, my driver isnt back yet!" "Blue driver is ready!" "What? No im not!" "red driver, are you ready?" A man in a 'Team Leno' shirt nods his head. Jay is nowhere to be seen. "red driver is ready." Bil: The box is locked, the lights are on, *both* its robot fighting time! Tim: Chin-Killa moves forward, revving up those tri-foils. Bil: Crab-bot stays in place. Tim: The chin is moving in for attack! Jay Leno's Voice: Its a much better view up here! Bil: Is Jay where I think he is? Tim: If you think hes on top of the Battlebox, your right! Bil: The crab is moving now, but not with the grace weve seen during its other fights. Tim: They seem to have a new driver, so he's probably not used to the controls. Bil: Team Leno is moving in for a hit! hes Just pushing Crab-Bot like its nothing! Tim: Hes pushing him to the middle of the box. Too bad, he lost his hold after being hit by a HellRaiser. Bil: Hey, take a look at Crab-Bots driver. Tim: Would you look at that? The girl with the pink spikey hair has returned, this could mean trouble for Chin-Killa. Jay: Hey! No switching drivers! Washu (faintly): Too bad! Tim: I think Crab-Bot might actually have a chance now! Bil: Nah. Tim: You may be wrong, because Chin-Killa is now being lifted into the air by that ridiculously over-sized chin! Bil: Well, he got free. too bad he lost his face in the process! Jay: Agh! My face! Tim: The chin-killa has stopped moving! Bil: Get him! Finish him off! Cut him in half! Crab-Bot decided to go into a victory dance, which has really just his claws opening and shutting very quickly. Jay: And the ref counts down Chin-Killa's life. Tim and Bil: Hey thats our line! Tim: We have Carmen Electra, boxside with the winner. Carmen: You started off slow, but you really pulled it out in the end. How did you do it? Tenchi: Well, it was all thanks to our driver Washu. I have no idea how to drive the thing. Carmen: Now, I remembered that Son of Whyachi knocked one of your legs off. How did you repair it so quickly? Washu: Well, I am the greatest scientific genious in the universe, so it was really no problem. we did have to replace a leg mount though, but a nice man named Mark Setrakian gave us one so we could put the leg back on. Carmen: wasnt that nice of him? Even after you cut his robot in half. Well, thats it from me. Back to you guys! Carmen walked off. "Now I remember who Mark is. He was the builder of Mechadon!" Tenchi realized. "Yeah, you didnt know that?" "no." "we should go find Ryoko and the others, they disappeared." "ok." (scene fade to black) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little shorter than my other 2, but it was still okay. (trust me, this is version 2. it was worse) Ive decided on the final fight. it will be diesector. but we still have the quarterfinals and the semifinals before that. who do you want to see next?
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