Heres round 4. Vladiator! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (In the pits) Washu was repairing Crab-Bot, accompanied only by Mihoshi. "So, who are we up against this time Mihoshi?" Washu asked while repairing some dents in her robot. "umm, something called Vladiator." "Hmm, sounds tough. But it shouldent be too difficult for the most brilliant mind in the galaxy! *maniacal laughter*" Brad Wollock was walking through the pits about this time with a camera crew. "Who was that?" The camraman shrugged. "MIHOSHI! DONT TOUCH THA- *KABOOM*" "Whoa! Come on, lets see if theyre all right!" Brad and the camraman ran over to the small area that used to house Crab-bot. Washu was lying on the ground with the little swirlies in her eyes. She was very charred. Crab-Bot was uninjured. "Are you ok maam?" She stood up with a groan. "I am, but Mihoshi wont be!" (up in announcer booth) Bil: We have some wonderful fights today, including- A guy in a staff shirt walked in and hands Tim a peice of paper. Tim: I just got handed a note saying that the fights have been delayed half an hour due to an explosion in the pits. Bil: (whispers to Tim) You see? I told them not to broadcast live! Tim: Im curious about what can cause an explosion that strong down there. Bil: Can someone send Carmen and a camera down there? (back in the pits) Washu had transformed into her adult form so she would be tall enough to lift Mihoshi up by her collar. "You IDIOT! Do you realize you just destroyed ALL the spare parts for my robot?!?" "Im sorry Washu, I didnt mean to!" "YOU DESTROYED MY PARTICAL ACCELERATION ENGINE!!" "What does that mean?" "It means if an engine burns out now, WE ARE DEAD!" Carmen Electra walked up to Washu while she was chewing out Mihoshi. "Excuse me, miss? Im looking for a girl about (puts hand at about Chibi Washu's height) this tall with hair thats very similar to yours. Have you seen her?" (A.N.: and now, how to give Carmen Electra a heart attack) "Im her." "Really, be serious." "I am. look!" Washu transformed back into her younger form. "See?" Carmen just stood there staring. After a moment, she spoke "D-Did you just shrink?" "I didnt shrink. It's one of my earlier inventions, it gives me complete control over the size of my body! Isnt it great?" "I-I need to lie down." (A.N.: and so ends how to give Carmen Electra a heart attack) Arj Barker ran in. "What happened? I heard an explosion!" "Oh, that was just my partical acceleration engine exploding." "Partical acceleration?" He thought for a moment, before looking at the camera. "She thinks her robot is powered by partical acceleration, isnt she cute?" Washu forced her way on screen. "Hes right, I am!" (in everyones favorite annoucement booth) Tim: Welcome back after a slight delay! We have word that nobody was injured, and the fights will be under way shortly. Bil: We have some footage of the cause of the explosion, can someone play that real quick? (we see footage of Adult Washu holding Mihoshi in the air) Bil: As entertaining as that was, run the builders explanation of the explosion please. (we see footage of Washu saying "That was just my partical acceleration engine exploding) Bil and Tim laugh a bit at the remark. Tim: Our next fight features two lightweights... (scene fade out, then back in) Bil: And now for my personal favorite, the super heavy-weights! Tim: We should have a great fight in store. Former super heavyweight champ Vladiator is going up against rookie sensation Crab-Bot. Lets go boxside. (scene switch to inside battlebox) Mark Beiro: This is a Battlebots quarter-finals bout. In the blue square, to my left, he's the bigger, badder brother to Vlad the Impaler, give it up for former super heavyweight champion, Vladiator! *Crowd cheers loudly* Tim: Vladiator is heavily favored to win this fight. Mark Beiro: And his opponent, in the red square to my right, he saw you eat his mother for dinner last night, and now hes pissed! *slight chuckle from audience* Its Crab-Bot! Bil: Two of the members of team Crab-Bot are looking a little charred. Washu and the rest of Team Crab-Bot walk out of the battlebox, as does Vladiators builders. (switch to camera near blue driver box) Ref: Blue driver, are you ready? Gauge: Ready. Ref: Blue driver is ready! (Switch to red drivers box) Ref: Red driver, are you ready? Washu: Ready as Ill ever be. Ref: Red driver is ready! (switch to view of battlebox) Bil: The box is locked, Tim: The lights are on, Both: Its robot fighting time! Tim: Vladiator moving out with expected quickness. Bil: Crab-Bot isnt moving at all. Tim: Their driver must be having troubles. (cut to red driver box) Washu: Mihoshi, Im busy! I cant buy you popcorn right now! Mihoshi apologized and backed off. (back to the box!) Tim: Oh, there he goes! Bil: Vladiator trying his usual 'ram and run' routine. Tim: That might not be as effective on this robot, because there's so little for him to ram into. Bil: He seems to be coping with it, because hes using Crab-Bot's leg as a punching bag! Tim: Each hit doing little damage, but its scoring points with the judges. (red drivers square) Ryoko: Come on mom, hit it! Washu: I cant, its just too fast. Tenchi: There must be something you can do. Washu: Well, there is my secret weapon... (back to the fight) Bil: We're at about a half a minute, and Crab-Bot has yet to land a single blow. Tim: This is all Vladiators fight from the looks of it. Bil: *notices Crab-Bots claws are folding back further than normal* Look at that. Tim: I wonder what it could be doing? Two seemingly harmless drill bits came out of the center of the claws. Bil: Drills? The drill bits fired out, attached to a thin rope. They stuck into Vladiator and started dragging him towards Crab-Bots claws. Tim: Is that legal? Bil: Who cares? Vladiators about to get crushed by those claws! Tim: Well, not anymore! Those thin ropes were no match for Vladiators incredible power. Bil: He doesnt look to happy about that! Tim: He's moving in on Crab-Bot... Oh what a hit! Bil: It looked good, but now hes in range of those deadly claws. Tim: Uh oh, this doesnt look good for Vladiator, hes being lifted up by that spike on his nose! Bil: Looks like Vladiator might be a multibot by the time this fight is over! Tim: It looks like Crab-Bot isnt chopping him, instead hes taking him to the hazards! Bil: Ahh, a kill-saw calzone, topped off with metal shavings from dead robots! Tim: *chuckles* Bil: Here comes everyones favorite! The Pulverizer! (Crab-Bot takes Vladiator to the Pulverizer, and Vlad. is hit repeatedly.) Bil: 4, 5, 6 hits from the pulverizer! Tim: It looks like Crab-Bot took a shot in there too! (Cut to an angry looking Washu) Washu: Hey, hit him, not me! (back to the action) Bil: Crab-Bot just let Vladiator go. What is she thinking? Finish him! (a snap is heard, and now crab-bot is holding the pulverizer in its claw) Tim: Oh man, she just took out the pulverizer! (cut to Pete at battlebox controls) Pete: *Jaw hangs open* (back to the fight) Bil: What the heck? It looks like she's bashing Vlad with the severed pulverizer. *buzzer rings* Tim: Well, I can honestly say that was the strangest match Ive seen all season! Bil: A great strategy though! And now, we have Arj Barker in the pits with the winner. (Boxside) "Good job Little Washu!" Tenchi yelled (he had to, otherwise Washu wouldent have heard him over the crowd, which soon quieted). Washu looked worried. "I may have misjudged some of these robots. Ill have to be more careful. The next match is likely to be harder." Arj Barker and a camera crew walked up, and Washu turned to face them. "You again?" "Yeah. I just need a quick interview with the winner." "Oh, I won?" he turned to the cameraman. "hey, this is Arj boxside with the winner. So, you just beat a former champion, how do you feel?" Washu decided it was time to put on her 'im-the-best' act, if that is the term. "Well, for a scientific genious like myself, it was simple!" "I noticed you have repeatedly referred to yourself as a genious, but you all youve shown us is that you built a really cool robot. I dont think that qualifies you as a genious." "Hah, you doubt me?" "Yes. I do." "Im going to give you a quick lesson in quantum mechanics then." "We dont have time for that." "Ill make it quick." She took a deep breath. "(quickly) Now listen, through his experiments, Heisenberg concluded that the accurate measurements of one of two related observable quantities, such as position and momentum, produces uncertainties in the measurements of the other. He figured that the product of the uncertainties of position and the uncertainties of momentum are equal to or greater than h over 2 pi, where h equals Plank's constant. It means that observations in quantum mechanics always lead to uncertainty. You understand this, don't you?" He stood, slightly shocked. "Uh, back to you Bil." Washu stood laughing. (Back in the announcer booth) Bil: I didnt understand a word she just said, did you? Tim: Im a sports commentator, not a physicist. Bil: Anyway, on to our next fight... (fade to black) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, these are getting shorter, im running out of Ideas to make the fights interesting. So, whos next? i dont know, but I need another suggestion for a robot. leave one in a review, or email me ( extra points if you can figure out where i got Washu's little science lesson, lol.
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