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What's Anime?
Anime is actually a French word, really should be spelled Animè Anime, A.K.A. Japanese Animation, or Japanimation is the product of 'cartoons' in Japan. It's not like American cartoons, Anime is directed at all ages, not just the young. And unlike what some people think, anime was not 'stolen' from America. Some anime is dubbed into English and it loses much of the beauty it used to hold and becomes weird and SCARY. So try to get subtitled anime if you want the best because very few animes were well dubbed.Even if you can't read well you should at least watch the subtitled versions. There have been drawings dating back hundreds of years that are anime-like.

Characteristics of Anime Characters!

Characteristics are big eyes, long hair in, sometimes, off the wall colors, and side burns that come off the head, but are done in a nice way. Diffrent artists have their own style, some have 'stringy' hair, in the way that they add strands of hair, which is really quite pretty. Others have pointy hair, like Ryoko and Washu. Most of all, female characters have long legs.

Another characteristic of anime is the 'sweat drop', which is, the tear-drop like thing on peoples head, denoting an unspoken "Oh boy", "Uh-oh", or just tension between 2 characters. It can also be used when the character is embarrased.

What's Manga?

Manga is like a comic, but anime style. A lot of anime, though not all, is made from a popular series of manga. Manga is generally done in black and white, and is a very large industry in Japan.
Manga is done by one writer, sometimes two, no more, unlike DC Comics and Marvel, etc. etc. who use several diffrent writers to produce their comics. This allows a writer to maintain control over how a character look differs, and how the plot develops. You can buy manga at popular bookstores. You'll most likely find it in the "Graphic Novel" section.
Comics barely appear in Japanese newspaper as they do in the American newspapers. In Japanese newspaper, they have a four-panel family strip that is on the next-to-last page and sometimes there are color supplements but no "Sunday Funnies."
What Does the Word Manga Mean?

How did the word "manga" come into being? Manga, pronounced "mahngah," means caricature, cartoon, comic strip, comic book, or animation. The Japanese woodblock-print artist, Hokusai, coined in 1814 by trying to describe comics like "unintentional sketches." He used the Chinese ideograms: man and ga. (Man means "involuntary" or "inspite of onself." Ga means "picture.") But the ideograms hold a secondary meaning to "unintentional sketches","morally corrupt."

What's a Chibi?

Chibi means small in Japanese. A chibi is basically a small anime character with several features specifically designed to be "cute". Most have a really large head, big eyes that cover a least half the face, and wear midget size clothing.

What Does Kawaii mean?

Kawaii basically justs means cute in Japanese. Kawaii is similar to chibi but they don't have to be small.

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