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March 29th- I added chapters onto some of the fan fics. I added the April Book Of the Month
site too.

March 21st- After all this time it's finally made! *drum roll* Fan Fics!!!!!!. And just think if you have a fanfic and send it in to me then it can be there too! I also made the Book Of the Month
site. Also a new poll was added. Okay it's kind of lame but it's something.

March 13th- I just put up the Awards For You site. If you have a site why not be the first to earn my super great award! Also if you have any fan fics just lying around I would greatly appreciate it if you could send one to me. Please include your name, the title of the fan fic and any thing else that you think is important.

March 9th- I just got some new software and I've been experimenting with it. Last night I made....drumroll please..........AWARDS!!! Yes, awards that you might be able to win for your site! I haven't made the page yet but if your interested now just send me an email. The banner up is in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

March 8th- I've been reading more lately. Hey that reminds me, I still have to make that Book of the Month site. Anyways last weekend I woke up early (very odd indeed!) and couldn't get back to sleep. So I decided to watch the good ol' Saturday moring cartoons. I guess shows like Medabots, Digimon, and Mon Colle Knights are popular with the young people. Sound like good site ideas to me! Oh and could you please sign my guestbook. It will only take about a minute.

March 1st-'s the beginning of a new month. I'm starting on a lot of new sites. Right now I'm pretty much in the planning stage. If you didn't already notice I put up a new banner! ***NEW***: I just added a new Tenchi Image Gallery today. Actually it's the third one so check it out. The Site Disclaimer is also up today. A new poll was just put up too. I also appiled for more awards and submited my site to a few search engines. : )

February 14th- Happy Valentine's Day! I'll just be going through the site and updating a few links and HTML.

February 13th- Well my plans for Valentine's Day are ruined. I wanted to get a new layout. Anyways I have school off for the next few days so I'll be updated and making new sites(hint, hint). I just begun on the Dragonball and Digimon sites. They should be done by tomorrow. Okay, nevermind it's done today! Check it out!

February 11th- I've been getting loads of email telling me to update. I update once a week! Plus I put up all the current anime news. Cartoon Network has started airing NEW episodes of "Dragonball" both in the afternoon and at 12:30a.m. Plus I put up a new poll in case you haven't noticed.

February 5th- I've been really busy with exams and tests. I got a new email address so if you need to contact me email at So easy to remember!

January 22nd- Zoids is now airing at a new time(4:30e/p) right before Toonami. Toonami will be showing Batman and Superman in the former Dragonball Z time slots. If you like DBZ, don't be mad because they will only be showing it this week. Cartoon Network will also be showing a Batman and Superman marathon this Saturday from 1 to 7 p.m. e/p.

January 17th- I might make a few more image galleries. Look out for a new layout soon. And I'm really suprised by how many people don't know what a book is!!!!!!! Oh and TENCHI UNIVERSE BEGINS TODAY at the time Tenchi Muyo used to hold!!! Tenchi Muyo ended yesterday (it was also an hour long) so they played what's next.

January 11th- Busy, busy, busy, busy!!!!! I've been very busy working on new ideas dor the site. Remember, feel free to email me about the site. I've been working on the Dragonball site tonight. Next on the list...Digimon... Also check out the new poll and brand NEW GUESTBOOK!!!!!!! Yup, I finally put one up. I also have to say something very important to all you Zoids fans. Zoids isn't off the air it's just on at 6:30am e/p on Cartoon Network.

January 10th- Wow! I can't believe I did it! My site is one of the top ranking sites at! I'm beginning to write reviews on the episodes of Tenchi Muyo so I'll add them to the site soon. I'm also going to add 3 new sites but I'm not telling what they are yet.. : ) Okay... I'll tell you later. Anyways, I'm also thinking about starting a book review site...Oh no! I've revealed my nerd side of me! Nooooo!

January 7th- Tomorrow they won't show Dragonball because they will show an hour long Tenchi Muyo episode. That should be interesting...

January 2nd- Yesterday someone emailed me a lot of suggestions for the site. A few were making a Digimon site, making a Dragonball site, and updating the Dragonball Z site. I'll see what I can do...(tomorrow I'll just work on the site for awhile)

January 1st- Ahhh... a new year! I plan on adding much much more to the site this year! Happy New Year everyone!

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