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In the distant future, humans have traveled to the stars and colonized the planets around them. But the spacelanes have become a throwback to the days of the swashbucklers, with a twist. There is the spacefleet, representing law, the pirates, representing chaos, and the Outlaws, who fit somewhere in between--some are altruistic spacefarers, others are opportunistic fortune-seekers.

Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking run a bounty-hunter-like shop in Sentinel III. Suddenly, they get a call from a woman named Rachel. She asked Gene to be her bodyguard for the time being. It turns out that "Rachel" was actually an outlaw named Hilda. Hilda was trying to escape from the Kei pirates. Gene and Jim get caught in the space chase. At one point, Hilda opens up a briefcase to release Melfina, an android. Melfina is one of the reasons why the pirates were after Hilda. After Melfina joined Hilda's crew, they were off!

The first four episodes were spent on a space chase. I'm glad to finally see some kind of story development after the fourth episode. The characters were pretty fun to get to know. Jim acts pretty mature for his age and, sometimes, more mature than Gene himself.

Outlaw Star Main Characters
  • Gene Starwind
  • James (Jim) Hawking
  • Melfina Kawasumi
  • Aisha Clanclan
  • Suzuka
  • Hilda
  • Fred Lo
  • Ronald MacDugal
  • Harry MacDugal
  • Professor Guen Kahn

  • Outlaw Star Image Gallery

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