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Fatal Fury III: The Motion Picture

The movie is about a man named Laocorn who must get all six pieces of the "Armor of Mars", which will grant him supewr human powers. However his twin sister Sulia is aware that together with the power promised by the "Armor of Mars" comes a curse ,whoever dons the armor will lose control and change into a bloodthirsty monster, so she enlists the help of Terry Bogard, a street fighter and martial arts legend. Together with his brother, Andy Bogard,the ninja Mai Shiranui, and boxing champ Joe Higashi, Terry seeks to fulfil his dream of protecting the woman he gradually loses his heart to, as well as her dream of stopping Laocorn's evil plan for world domination. Despite having a clear plot, Fatal Fury 3 threatens to fall apart due to a loose structure. Given that the movie rests on the development of a storyline, there is a need for narrative threads to be weaved fairly tightly together so as to sustain dramatic anticipation While certain parts of the movie crawled, the climax came almost too suddenly. Fatal Fury 3 fails to deliver as a well-conceived whole. I wouldn't reccomend buying it but if you really want to see it rent it. They do occasionally show it on Sci-Fi.

Parental Guidance Advised - Contains scenes of violence throughout the movie. The character Mai is very scantily clad, not very appropiate for the younguns'.

Rated PG13
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