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Kiki's Delivery Service

This movie was excellent! It has have a gentle, well-written story of a young 13 year old witch learning to support herself in a city and master flying her broom. Along the way, she discovers the types of people, friendships and experiences that you or I have come across during our own lives. The animation is steady, characterisations are great, and music is just wonderful. I especially like the music and animation when Kiki and Gigi, her black cat, first fly into the city along the sea. This is definitely one for your movie collection.
Rating : Suitable for Family Viewing - Some parts might not hold the attention of impatient kids. There are many good role models throughout the movie. Kiki's bloomers show (very often), but there is no nudity, sex, foul language or double entendres. The movie does depict "witches", but they are all "good" -- no evil spellcasting or anything else that might be considered objectionable.


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