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Welcome to the Tenchi Muyo site!
Tenchi Muyo, created by Pioneer in the mid 90's, is one of the most beloved series in anime history. The hilarious stories, crazy characters, and silly situations endeared fans to the series from the first episode of the OAV series that started the whole mess. The Tenchi Muyo TV series had 26 episodes. There are volumes of merchandising (including, of course, stuffed Ryo-ohki dolls).There is also Pretty Sammy, the parody series based on a cross between Sasami and Sailor Moon. Tenchi Muyo! is an anime featuring excellent artwork and an intriguing plotline. I guess you could call it a a comedy/drama/adventure series. Like most anime, it found its beginning as an OVA series which means Original Video Animation. Some anime found their origins in manga (japanese comics), others in video games, and others still came alive on the TV screen. And like most hit anime, the instant it is introduced to the market, the popularity poll jumps from non-existing to sky-breaking recognition. Today, very few anime fans have not heard of the name Tenchi Muyo! It has a home in America on Cartoon Network.

List of Characters in Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Masaki

Nobuyuki Masaki

Masaki Katsuhito

Ayeka Jurai

Sasami Jurai



Mihoshi Kuramitsu

Makaubi Kiyone

Washu Hakubi


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