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Tenchi Universe

Tenchi Universe is like an alternative version of the whole Tenchi saga. Several girls coming from different parts of the galaxy somehow manage to squeeze themselves into Tenchi's once ordinary life. There's Ryoko, the notorious space pirate. Aeka, the first princess of the planet Jurai. Mihoshi and Kiyone, a pair of bumbling space detectives... add a crazy scientist (such as Washu), another alien princess, and some menacing enemies... you've got an adventure-filled series that is Tenchi Universe.

Tenchi Universe is another re-telling of the whole Tenchi story. There are additional characters like Kiyone, Nagi, etc. Things get off a slow start, but they do get better in the last few episodes. For the first half, you have mostly character introductions and some slapstick misadventures that are kinda funny. Luckily the later part improves in terms of pacing, action, and plot twists. Tenchi Universe also includes mildly entertaining excerpts from Ryoko and Aeka's childhood days. Those cute and talky Washu dolls also make their debut here. There's a swimsuit contest among all the Tenchi girls, and they really flaunt their stuff. The art and animation are okay. It's below par compared to the other Tenchi incarnations.

Here is a list of the characters. Tenchi- An ordinary high school student and the main character of the show.
Ryoko- A space pirate wanted throughout the universe.
Aeka- The first princess of Jurai.
Sasami- Aeka's little sister, not in love with Tenchi but likes him.
Washu- Revered genius who was released when Ryoko and Aeka were fighting in the Masaki household shrine.
Kiyone- An officer in the first class police who is friends with Tenchi and his family.
Mihoshi- Kiyone's partner and a lucky clutz.
Ryo-Oh-Ki- The cute little cabbit (half rabbit half cat) who loves carrots!
Nagi- The most feared bounty hunter and eternal enemy of Ryoko.

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