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Did you know that Zoids was first a toy in the 1980's? Really! It was a model kit where you build a model monster (something like a dinosaur,spider,etc.) that either had a wind-up thingy or power switch to make it move!!! It was a cool fad for kids while it lasted... Unfortunately Zoids didn't make enough meney for them to continue the line. Zoids were released in the U.S. many times over the years, but were not very successful. You could still probably get the original Tomy Zoids from serious Zoids collectors.

Years have gone past since then...

Now, Zoids is an animated show inspired by the toys that airs on Cartoon Network. The show focuses on the "Blitz Team" and other rival teams. The shows actually uses old Zoid toys as models for the animated Zoids. On the show they set up arenas and fight to earn money which they can use for parts to make their Zoids even better. The Zoids that is airing on Cartoon Network is actually the third season of the Japanses show. The third season was called "ZERO Saga" or "Century Zero"(the latter translated directly from Japanese).The first series is completly different from the third. So far there aren't even plans for the second season to show on Cartoon Network.

Zoids has also made a comeback on the shelves of toy stores. The new Zoids model kits are made by Hasbro. More models to come soon.

Zoids Current Schedule: Weekdays on Cartoon Network at 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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